Car Parking

Airport Facilities

Travel Information

  • I am travelling to an EU/non-EU country, what documents do I require?
  • Is there a limit on the liquids I can carry with me on board?
  • How can I travel with my pet?

Persons with disabilities & reduced mobility

  • How can I arrange for wheelchair assistance?
  • Do I need to pre-book assistance?
  • What facilities are available at the airport?
  • Do you offer barrier-free parking in reserved parking areas?
  • Can I fly with my own wheelchair or other mobility devices?
  • Will I be able to stay with my family?
  • What is the process at Security?
  • Is my assistance dog permitted on board?
  • I am blind/visually impaired. How can I find my way around the airport?
  • I have a child with autism. Do we have priority at the airport formalities?
  • How may Ι provide feedback?