Frequently Asked Questions for Car Parking & Online Services

The below responses should serve to resolve any queries you may have related to Car Parking and Online services at Larnaka or Pafos Airports

  • Q1. Do the prices include VAT?

Yes, the prices presented on the pricelist tables include VAT.

  • Q2. I am trying to book online car park but the system doesn't allow me to proceed.

This is because the reservation system permits bookings at least 2 hours prior to your arrival at the airport.

  • Q3.  I paid the booking, but I have not received the booking confirmation.

This may happen for two reasons.
(a) The email address provided on your personal data is incorrect and therefore the booking confirmation was sent elsewhere.
(b) The booking was not completed due to a technical problem, even though the payment was processed successfully.

Contact us at to resolve the issue.

  • Q4. What time do I need to set my booking arrival at the airport?

It is advised to set the booking arrival time at least 2 hours prior to your flight departure.  

  • Q5. I have chosen the wrong airport in my booking and the system does not allow me to change it.

Changing your airport selection once your booking has been submitted is not possible. You will need to cancel your booking through the cancellation process and create a new one with the correct information. The system will automatically refund you the amount of the reservation you have cancelled within 3-5 business days.

  • Q6.  Are there any special conditions attached to my booking?

No, you are booking a flexible product which means that if you need to change your dates, because your travel plans have changed – you can! There will be no administration fee for making changes unless you wish to alter your dates to a longer period of stay in which case you will need to pay the difference. For example, if you booked 8 days and wish to extend to 10 days; you will be charged again for the additional amount.

Another example would be a change in the month – supposing you booked for a week in March and wish to change it to July, then an additional charge may be imposed due to the different rates that apply for the month of July which is considered a peak season.

  • Q7. Do you apply charges for booking cancellations or amendments?

No additional charges apply.

  • Q8. Am I allowed to cancel or amend my booking?

Car Park
For the Car Park you may cancel or amend your booking at least 12 hours prior the commencement of your booking. A cancellation of at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of your booking will enable full refund of the amount you paid. In case your cancellation is less than the 12 hours prior to the commencement of your booking, you will not be entitled to any refund or compensation whatsoever.

Other Products and Services
The Express Lane and Lounge services booked by you is only valid for the dates specified in your Booking Confirmation. Changes or cancellation can only be made to your booking if more than 2 hours before the booked date of entry.

  • Q9. Can I arrive at the airport in a car with different license plate numbers other than the ones I have already stated in my booking application?

No, you will have to arrive at the airport with the car that carries the same license plate numbers as the ones you have stated in your booking application. Once you arrive at the car park gate, the ANPR system will try to match your license plate numbers with your booking to allow the barrier to open. However, if you are planning to use a different car, you will have to modify your booking details at least 6 hours prior to your arrival at the airport. If for any unexpected reason you cannot use the car for which you have registered in your booking and have not managed to modify your booking details 6 hours prior to your arrival, please contact the Car Park Office via the intercom at the gate to receive a regular parking ticket and then visit the Car Park Office to adjust the ticket to activate your reservation.

  • Q10.  Will the car park gate open in case I arrive earlier than the time specified on my booking?

Your booking is activated 2 hours prior to the time specified on your booking.

  • Q11. I lost my parking ticket. What do I do?

The ticket is necessary so if you lost it, please request from the parking operator to re-issue your ticket.
(a) The ticket is required to exit the gate. Scan the ticket at the dedicated spot to activate the barrier.
(b) If you have exceeded the pre-paid period, the ticket is required to pay the overstay fee.

  • Q12. Although my booking was confirmed the barrier does not open. What do I do?

This means that your reservation is not triggered either because your number plates are different from the ones you have stated on your reservation or because the vehicle number plates have not been decoded correctly by the system. Press the ticket button for a regular ticket and go to the Parking Office to activate your reservation.

  • Q13. Are there any parking conveniences for people with disabilities?

Yes, parking spaces for people with reduced mobility have been allocated at the closest points towards the terminal; however, reserving a specific parking lot is not possible, as the parking spaces provided are subject to availability. If you plan to travel and wish to use such a place, we offer special discounts for Long Term Parking to Blue Card holders. Just visit the "Parking Office" to get the discount.

  • Q14.  How safe is my car at the airport car parking area?

Parking your car in public places such as public parking areas, is always at your own risk. However, frequent patrols are made by airport staff.

  • Q15. My flight is delayed. Do I need to extend my parking reservation?

The booking you have made automatically allows extra reservation time of 4 hours, from your initial pre-booked exit time. If your flight delay falls within this time, there will be no extra charge.

However, if your flight delay exceeds these extra 4 hours, your reservation cannot be modified through the on-line booking portal. The overstay fee will be payable at the pay machines using the ticket received at the entry.  

  • Q16. I have not received my Express Lane tickets.  What do I do? 

You will receive individual emails for each guest which includes the QR code to gain access to the Express Lane.

For any queries on matters regarding car booking or questions that have not been answered through our FAQs, email us on or call us at +357 24030026.