TA.SH.BA Bistro Bar

When the East meets the West, both cultures are fused into Tash.Ba Bistro Bar. The All-Day Resto-Bar is paying homage to the cosmopolitan nature of airport travel and brings together different gastronomic experiences and different flavors in a menu that combines the Spanish TA.pas & Japanese SuSH.i all under the canopy of an exciting BA.r concept with fantastic cocktails.

TA.SH.BA Bistro Bar logo


Larnaka Airport: Departures Hall, level 2 (after Passport Control area).

Opening Hours

The opening hours of the TA.SH.BA Bistro Bar can be found at the entrance of the shop and are subject to change according to the daily flight schedule.


Visit the following link to browse the menu online. 

 Salad at Tashba bistro bar