Our customers with disabilities or reduced mobility are our priority customers

It is our aim to ease your journey and make it a positive experience. For this reason, we provide a good range of services, such as well-designed facilities, dedicated disabled parking near the airport entrances, designated "Help Points" used as pickup points, priority seating throughout the airport and comfortable toilet facilities.

In addition, we use specialised equipment to help you board and disembark your aircraft efficiently and safely.

To help you plan your journey in advance, we provide you with the following subsequent sections, to identify all the accessible facilities and services that we have to offer, or any other information that may prove to be useful for you. We are available to discuss your individual requirements, for you to choose the most appropriate type of service you will require.   

If you are not accompanied by a friend or relative, and you will require assistance, it is important that you contact your airline in advance about any specific need you may have.  We recommend you do so either during your booking process or at least 48 hours prior to your flight’s departure.