If you are leaving the European Union and live outside it, you are entitled to a refund on the value-added tax paid on all merchandise purchased within the EU. Make sure when you purchase items, to request for a tax refund check. Note that there is a limited amount per receipt to be entitled to a refund.

For merchandise carried on board

On your way to the gate, please stop at the Customs Office, which is near the Boarding Pass Control point. After obtaining the required Customs stamp, you can get your VAT refund (minus a service fee), at either Global Blue or Planet Tax Free offices, which are located before the Passport Control booths (Immigration).

For merchandise carried within your checked luggage

Before you check-in your luggage at your airline’s counter, make sure you visit the Customs Office to obtain the necessary Customs stamp. The Customs Officer may request to check the items you have purchased.

The VAT refund can be collected at either Global Blue or Planet Tax Free offices, as mentioned for merchandise carried on board.

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